Monday, December 8, 2014

Hirtles Beach

Hirtles Beach Family Photo: Charlie, Sara, John, Riley
Our first beach to visit during the Christmas Season: Hirtles Beach. (not sure if we'll make our goal of 12 beaches to satisfy the "12 Beaches of Christmas" theme. It seemed like a reasonable goal at the time, but we want to keep this an enjoyable thing...not another stressful item for the holidays! 

For each beach we visit, I hope to capture a family photo and a short video so you can enjoy the sounds as well as the sights. My Hirtles video has a bit of wind noise...but it was windy (and a tad chilly).  Confession: we didn't make it all the way down the beach. It's not a good beach for walking if you have had 5 knee surgeries (John) and bad knees (me).


martha brown said...

I LOVE this! Thank you! I've never been to Hirtles Beach. Maybe next summer :) It does seem awfully cold and windy :)

Sybil N said...

Is the whole beach that rocky ? Not sure how you can ever do a video of a beach here and NOT have wind noise.

Sara said...

The beach isn't usually that rocky at low tide...the rocks must have moved around in a storm. We had to turn's not a good beach if you have bad knees :)