Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Crescent Beach

Beach #11 (almost reached our goal!) of our "12 Beaches of Christmas" is Crescent Beach. This was one of the first beaches we "discovered" when we moved to the South Shore. It's unique, because it's one of the few remaining beaches (maybe the only one?) in Nova Scotia that you can drive on. The photos you see here are at low tide. In fact, I don't remember ever seeing it lower. It's a lovely family beach in the summer because it's so shallow and long. Cars will back up to the wooden breakwater. We've had some lovely picnics here, sitting in the car and looking out at the water. And it's a great dog walking beach. When we move into Bridgewater we'll be a quick 20 minutes from this beach and I think I'll head out here for some early morning walks with the dogs.
Crescent Beach Family Photo

drive through this opening, and you're on the beach - yes, it's allowed!

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Sybil said...

Driving on the beach ! Now if we could just have some of that Daytona weather too !

Happy New Year kiddo.

I've really enjoyed the Beach tour.

When you want to hit the beaches on THIS side of the HRM gimme a shout and Wendy and I will give you the grand tour.