Thursday, December 4, 2014

12 Beaches of Christmas

It has been quiet here on the blog this year, but that will change for a few weeks.

During the next few weeks, I'll be blogging about our "12 Beaches of Christmas". As we get older, we are both less thrilled with the commercialization of Christmas. The other night we were talking over dinner and came up with the idea of doing something we love to celebrate the Christmas season. Ta da! The 12 Beaches of Christmas was created. We made up a list of many beaches that are a short trip away...the coming weeks will reveal which ones we visit.

The Hawk
Sand Dollar (Rose Bay)
Fort Point
Broad Cove
Cherry Hill
Sand Hills
Green Bay

So, for our friends "from away", our gift to you this holiday season is a visit to many of our beautiful Nova Scotia beaches!


Sybil N said...

What a wonderful idea. Lemme know when you're heading to Lawrencetown Beach and Martinique. BTW just before you get to Lawrencetown comes Conrad's Beach. It's not well marked. But well worth the visit.

martha brown said...

How exciting!!!! I got to seven of them this summer. I've seen the sign for Fort Point Beach, but we couldn't find the beach, lol.
I can't wait to see the beaches! I miss them:( but will see some of them soon ( Coming Dec 27) said...

Having spent time in Bridgewater and New Glasgow and now living SC I will really your visits to the beaches