Monday, September 16, 2013


I didn't have my camera out much this summer, but when I did I found myself attracted to scenes that were calm and serene. This photo makes me remember the grass blowing in the light breeze...and the little dot that is the fishing boat out in the ocean...and the hazy island in the background. 

Calm....something I need at the moment. This evening I'll be making a presentation to the local garden club. I'm a little nervous, but just the healthy kind. If I start to get butterflies, I'll picture myself back here...calm.


CrimsonLeaves said...

Sounds like the butterflies are quite appropriate considering your subject matter! LOL Hope it went well and the photo truly is beautiful.

Sybil said...

You will be just fine. And what's more, you'll have fun.

Glad you pointed out the lil' boat in the photo. I hadn't noticed it, just the island.

martha brown said...

Ahhh, it does look so calm. All I saw the whole summer was the calm ocean. Its hard to believe that it can get so angry sometimes. Hope that your presentation went well :) and that you stayed calm!