Friday, May 31, 2013

Inspirational Postcards

I printed some inspirational postcards a while back, and was lucky enough to sell quite a few sets of them. I decided it was time to do up a new batch of them, and this coincided with a friend of mine wanting some cards for her store. Mickey has a wonderful shop in Mahone Bay with her own gorgeous leather and pearl jewelry, as well as other unique gifts (click here to see her online shop). Anyway, here are the cards I have come up with. I haven't decided which ones to print...and which ones will go into my 2014 Inspirational Calendar. The two cards at the bottom are popular images from my first series of postcards.


Janet said...

Love them all, Sara (especially fond of the starfish on the yellow wood - beautiful). As the owner of some of your inspirational cards, I can attest to how fabulous they are.

Your friend's website show's an online store - does she have a store in Mahone Bay? Would love to check it out, the jewellry on line is gorgeous (and with friends and family coming to visit this summer, would love to take them someplace that has such original pieces)!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Sara. I really love the quotes. The font suits them so! my favourite is the starfish too. But the cape islander at night is very special.

Marcie said...

Yes - such wonderful inspiration. Words I'll carry with me today. Thank-you!

aliceinparis said...

Such great cards! I know they will do well there:)Cheers, Shelagh