Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nova Scotia Postcards

I've been thinking about starting this project for a while now, but knew I just had to do it after I found a postcard from 1967 in a drawer I was cleaning out. The postcard was from my mom and sent to my grandma during a family trip to Cape Breton when I was six years old. Even though I have no memories of the trip, I truly believe it was this trip that caused me to have a lifetime love of Nova Scotia. I finally moved to Nova Scotia in 2008, and love it just as much as I thought I would! 

Project Details: I will be collecting postcards of Nova Scotia by email (front and back) to be published in a book late 2014. I hope to have a collection of postcards that will capture images and words of a way of life that used to that are kitschy, funny, tourist attractions, businesses, etc . All cards will be considered for publication, but I hope to focus mostly on cards from the 1970's and before.

Do you know anyone with old postcards of Nova Scotia? Please ask them to email their cards to be included in this book project!  If you don't have a scanner to email your card images, contact me by email for details on how to mail your cards.


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martha brown said...

My very very favourite Nova Scotia postcard is the one with the 3 old fishermen ( you must know the one) . I love them! I have the placemat and the magnet too :) I'll try to find some other ones for you. I'm sure I have lots. Somewhere...

Sybil said...

I'll check out Dustjacket books for you. They sometimes have old postcards Sara.