Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Assignment 4

This is my last week for the Creative Photography course I have been taking in Halifax, which reminded me that I have not posted our Assignment #4:

Doing It By The Numbers - For the next two weeks, every image must contain your assigned number; it can be numerical (ie, your number appears in an image), or it can be empirical (ie, your number is represented by a number of items in the photograph).

Can you tell what number I was assigned?

I changed this photo to black and white, because when I left it in colour, my eyes kept going to the green grass instead of to the trees. I wanted the trees to be where the focus was, so changed it to black and white to remove the distraction of the colour. Edited to add....Here is the colour version
same photo in colour

This photo was taken when we took a day trip to Shelburne with our granddaughter. The green sticks were a bonus!


Janet said...

Um, 4??

That tree photograph is spectacular, Sara (would love to see the color one just for comparison - to see what you saw from a photographer's viewpoint).

And I love the new header - has John being felling trees?

Sara said...

I'll try to remember to post the colour version. The header photo was taken during a trip to a maple syrup farm in Maplewood.

Taos Sunflower said...

As always, I love them both. Surprisingly (to me), I prefer the color version of the trees, because it's so subtle. No matter, good job!

Anonymous said...

Are the four windows part of the same exercise? I like both colour AND black and white in the trees.
Your blog helps me see, Sara.