Monday, February 4, 2013

Assignment 1

I am currently taking a "Creative Photography" course. It is a six session course, held bi-weekly, and it started on January 10th. There are 10 of us taking the course (the maximum that the instructor takes). For the first session, we had to submit 6 creative photos that we felt represented ourselves and our photography. I spent a fair bit of time selecting my six photos, because basically I don't think I am a "creative" photographer...the whole reason for me taking the course in the first place.

Anyway, we spent the first session going through all 60 photos. Our homework assignment was to use one of the photos from that session (not our own!) that was a different style than our own, and use it as inspiration. There were a couple of photos of moving traffic, and a couple of photos of night photography. So, I combined those two things for my inspiration. My first thought was to actually take photos of traffic, but when you live out in the boonies there isn't much traffic around.

So here is what I did...

I went out at dusk (it was -16C for these photos!). I strapped spikes onto my boots because our driveway was pure ice. I set my camera up on a tripod and used my remote. I set the camera for a 30 second exposure, hit the remote, and started running holding 2 flashlights. I did this again. And again. And again. Until I was so cold, I couldn't stand it anymore. This is a photo from my first attempt:

I tried the same technique in different locations over the 10 days I worked on this assignment. The second photo is from my final session. I had a particular spot in mind to try it....there are some tall pine trees at the entrance to Rissers Beach. I went at sundown and did the same set up with my camera, tripod and remote. Then I ran around the trees with flashlights in my hands. I quite like the way this one turned out. 
And thankfully no one was around to watch this spectacle!

Our assignment for the next session is to photograph as we normally do, but to remove all "ground" "bottom" or "foreground" or "foundation". Hmmmmm......


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

That's so cool!

Janet said...

Awesome pictures, Sara :) I love the one at Risser's, the colours and the light make it very spiritual!! What a great idea - would have loved coming across you running around the trees with a flashlight!!!

FYI - my friend Janice is taking a photography class on Mondays.

Sybil said...

Can't believe you ran down THAT icy road, even with your grippers on. But BOY the result sure was worth the effort. I love that photo. The second reminds me of fireflies in the trees.

Anonymous said...

I wondered what that giant firefly was ?
Beautiful result!

Amanda Pedro said...

and no hint of yourself there. Love it.
Glad to see you back. For some reason, I bookmarked your site and was stuck on October. I thought you hadn't been back since then. but glad that you are now. Still hold a spot to have tea with me when I next get to Bridgewater! Maybe a sunny day at Rissers?