Monday, October 1, 2012

Suddenly it's fall

DIL and Miss M joined us for 2 days of the past long weekend. It was beautiful and sunny and warm (even hot). On Saturday, DIL and I went antique shopping and visited some shops that I've passed by many times but never stopped to visit. It's always fun to help DIL spend some of her money! John took Miss M for an ice cream and visit to a school playground.
me, Miss M, DIL and Cassie
On Sunday, we spent a great day outside. We released the hens (see my last posting for details), and tested out the apples.We dug up some small trees and transplanted them near the house. Once they start growing, our house will look less like it's in the middle of a hay field (which it is) and more like it actually has a yard.
Miss M and Cinder
It was a great weekend of family time, and wonderful of DIL to visit us when G was away.
John (aka Baba) and Miss M
But Monday was a whole different story. Suddenly, it's fall. We've had very cool and rainy weather since the weekend. Today our winter wood supply arrived, courtesy of our neighbours. Ivan is a late 70s-early 80s man who is so active it's a little embarrassing for us laggards. He works the forest all summer and sells cords of wood, grows Christmas trees to sell, and is currently building an addition on his house by himself. We bought 2 cords from him, and he and his wife delivered them today.
I love the sight of this wood pile! Nothing beats the look and smell of a wood fire on a cool day, and that's one thing I'm looking forward to as the days cool and fall and winter approach. John isn't quite as pleased about this prospect, as he'll be the one lugging wood into the house!
The guinea hens were all over the place today, something we'll be thankful for next spring when tick season returns. Here they are on the flagstone path (created by me earlier this summer) leading up to our screened in porch. The hens were in the backyard, by the wood pile, in the front yard, by the old barn foundation, you name it and they were there today. The dogs still want to eat them, however, so they are stuck in the house with us while it rains.

Today our power went off for an hour or so, which gave the generator a good test. The previous owners had a generator hard wired to the house, so when the power goes off the generator automatically comes on. There was something cool about being able to carry on as normal even with the power off. I got lots of sewing done during the power outage...more on that soon.

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Christine said...

It sounds like you are keeping very busy! I would love to see some pictures of the inside of the house too