Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LaHave River House

I was out and about on Sunday and stopped into the 2nd floor of the LaHave Bakery to see an art show by a friend. Lovely paintings...wish I could have taken many of them home with me! While I was there, I took a couple of quick photos of this house with the LaHave River in the background.

I'm thinking that maybe it is the inspiration for an upcoming piece of window art!


Taos Sunflower said...

Those photos of the house with the blue door sure do tell a story. I am in love with that second one, where you can see the roof line. Being here where it's so crowded, it's hard to imagine that kind of extended beauty, untouched (to the viewer's eye, anyway). I would love to paint that photo one day.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I remember 15+ years ago taking my girls trick or treating to the little house with the blue door. The lady was very old and very sweet.

martha brown said...

I took a fabric dying class from my friend Lorri Scott in Phoenix ( Arizona) on Sunday and I mentioned that I would be in Nova Scotia next week.. She said that she used to live there ( such a small world) Even smaller when she said that she lived on the Lavave Islands! Her husband was a co-owner, or worked at Covey Island Boatworks.
Love these photos, Sara!

Sybil said...

Love the peeling blue paint on the door and the lovely blues ... Can't wait to see what it inspires.