Friday, August 17, 2012

I want you beside me

I've been wanting a large piece of artwork for above our bed for a while now. Inspiration struck a couple of weeks ago, and I combined one of my photographs of 2 doves on our telephone wires with some words I wrote with John in mind.

I found a place online that prints posters, and ordered a 24 inch by 36 inch poster for about $25 including delivery. It arrived yesterday, and I think it's awesome!

I might paint the frame black, but I just love the way the poster turned out!


Taos Sunflower said...

That's so wonderful. A black frame would probably be great. I love your writing; I've admired it before.

Sybil said...

I think a frame in a really stand out colour would make the poster "pop:.
Red, deep green or black ...

Moose said...

it is stunning..... it looks like you have some black on your bed, maybe the frame in black would work. Mat black spray paint works well.
Tail wags,