Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inspirational Postcards #2

I've been working on a second set of inspirational postcards (you can see my first set here)....and here they are:
Inspirational Postcards - set #2

My "Give A Little Joy" cards are completely blank on the back. These cards are for you to give out....either signed or unsigned by give a little joy to people. These cards are the anti-thesis of some cards I've seen on the internet to leave on windshields when you're ticked off at someone...basically to wreck someone's day. 
My cards are to spread the joy, spread a little happiness. 
See someone do something nice? give a little joy 
See someone who needs a pick me up? give a little joy 
See a nice garden somewhere? Write them a note, pop it in their mailbox...give a little joy

Difficult to see on the monitor, but the cards have a rooster weather vane pointing towards a glowing moon. "Choose your direction... ...and reach for the moon."

Who doesn't like to receive flowers? "find beauty in the world around you"

This little purple finch scored big at our local photo club. "take a leap of faith" 

The cards are perfect for inspiring yourself or others:
- pop them in a frame and give an inexpensive hostess gift that looks great!
- keep them on your inspiration board
- send them to a friend for a little pick me up (everyone likes getting things in the mail!)
- use them for postcrossing
You'll receive 8 postcards shipped to you (in Canada or the US) for $7.50...your choice...a mixed set of 2 each, or 8 of the same card. Click on the paypal link below or send me an email.


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Vickie LeBlanc said...

Of course I'm buying a set of these. Heck, I might get two and give one to my niece as a surprise gift.

Vickie LeBlanc said...

How can I order Quantity 2. Do I have to make two separate entries in paypal I wonder ?

Sara said...

Thanks Vickie, I have just emailed you. I think you can order as many sets as you want using the paypal button...the price includes shipping.