Friday, January 6, 2012

Daisies For Ginette

Daisies For Ginette
"Daisies For Ginette" was created for Vickie to give to her daughter at Christmas...nice and summery! Unlike today, which is very cold.

Yesterday was the first day in several weeks that I had a chance to work on my stained glass window art...such a relief! The desire to create starts to get bottled up inside me, until I become a little driven and just have to get into the studio.
The studio was so cold yesterday that I did the preliminary work on my new project on the kitchen island. It felt great to start putting together something new.

Speaking of projects, I am working at putting together the final details for my annual Art Book Project...this year I'll return to my Paws For Charity project. Details in the coming days. 


Vickie LeBlanc said...

And as I've mentioned before, she LOVES it. It is so her - daisies and dragonfly. Thank you so much for this lovely piece of art (and for mine also). Can't wait to see the new creations.

Sybil said...

Lucky Ginette !decti