Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a bit about barns

a barn in Gays River, NS
I have a thing for barns. Not the new ones...I like old and rustic. Totally impractical, but there you go. I love barns with lofts and lean tos. When we are daytripping around Nova Scotia, John often gets to hear me say "look at that barn!".

I don't know where this love comes from. I think maybe it has roots in my childhood, when my parents took me to visit my Uncle Ralph's farm. I was a "city girl", and totally terrified of the cattle. They followed me up the farm lane on one of our visits, which had me totally freaked out, so I started walking faster. The faster I walked, the faster the cows walked.

But that doesn't explain why I love barns.

Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mildred had a big farm kitchen, and something else that I loved...a walk up attic. I was convinced as a child that there was treasure up there. It was probably a good thing I was never allowed to venture up there...I likely would have been quite disappointed!


Sybil said...

I love barns and old buildings too.

Anonymous said...

I wish you could get invited in some of these old barns. I know your photographs would be marvelous!!
Did you ever read the Thornbirds? The heroine had a love of the barnloft and the light coming through the slits in the walls.
The old barns sit so well in the landscape. My favourite scene is early in the morning.just before.dawn (on the way to Nova Scotia)Still dark.. but lights are on in the barns.
Where's Gays River?