Sunday, December 18, 2011


G, DIL, and Miss M joined us for the weekend to celebrate John's upcoming birthday. This morning, DIL was an awesome nature spotter. It seemed every time she looked out our windows, she saw something special. First...the fox.
searching for a snack
I have often seen tracks on my afternoon walks, and thought they belonged to a fox (too small for a coyote). We watched while he buried his head in the grass, and leaped and jumped after prey.
look at the size of his tail!
I took some of these photos from inside the house, then threw on my jacket and ran outside with the tripod. I kept a safe distance (he wouldn't let me get close anyway)...these photos are cropped a huge amount.
DIL's second siting was a snowy owl....very rare for these parts. Unfortunately, he was further away and by the time I got outside and close enough, he was gone. Lucky, lucky me...that's all I could lucky are we to live here?

2 comments: said...

great shots - our fox runs along the top of the dunes between our house and the ocean. Love the owl! Haven't seen one of those yet :) Happy Holidays - Nancy LeB in Breashore NS

aliceinparis said...

Wonderful!!! I've only seen a fox Louisburg. Exciting that you have them so close.