Thursday, December 1, 2011

changing perspective

I was given this orchid in August by DIL, and have been trying now and then to get a good photo of it. The other day, the sun was streaming through the kitchen window and threw a spotlight on the orchid. I grabbed my camera and took a couple of photos.
I used a shallow depth of field to put the background out of focus, but decided that the background didn't do any favours to the orchid. So I moved the orchid to our kitchen island and tried a couple more photos.
Then I decided that I didn't like the mix of light and shadows in the background so I left the orchid where it was, but I bent down slightly and tilted the camera so that the whole background was in shadow.
I was quite happy with the final result. Sometimes a little change in perspective is all we need!


Janet said...

The evolution of a photo - thanks for sharing, Sara :)

And a good life lesson, as well.

Hope John is doing well now that he's back home and recovering!

Pat MacKenzie said...

What a beautiful orchid. They're such graceful flowers.

I had trouble with seeing photos on some other blogs too but it seems to have resolved itself now, thank goodness.