Thursday, August 25, 2011

more early morning photos

A few more photos from yesterday's early morning excursion. I headed up towards New Germany, and stopped at a couple of farms. Back through the bridge on Veinot Road, but I was too late...the sun was too high to get a good photo of the fog over the river.


Judy said...

Ah-h-h Sheep!
and Iron Bridges.
(That could be a series.)
Did you ever see Henry Moore's Sheep Sketchbook? Worth a look if you could get it.
I think these bridges are just as picturesque as covered bridges. Don't you?

Pat MacKenzie said...

The sheep and cows all posed so nicely for your pictures - looking straight ahead at the camera.

Word Weaver Art said...

Every single photo you've ever posted of those sheep just crack me up!