Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cape St. Mary's

On Friday we headed down to Yarmouth...a 2 1/2 hour that I could have an MRI done on my shoulder...we have been waiting 3 months for this MRI.
Afterwards, we drove back home along the north shore...also known as the French Coast. Our first photo stop was Cape St. Mary's.
The last time we were there it was December...a little colder...but just as dreary and foggy.
My brain was just as foggy as the weather....thanks to the drugs I took prior to the MRI!
I'll post a few more photos from Cape St. Mary's tomorrow.


Heather T. said...

Sara, these are gorgeous shots - not that anyone would ever call a rusty link and shabby rope, gorgeous...but look at it. And, the rest of them, too!

Hope your results from the MRI prove all is well ♥

Anonymous said...

That shot of the foggy coast with rocks tugged at my heart strings! Who would think it? I was almst there, reaching down to touch the rusted chain. Cape St. Mary's will be a destination spot now for me!
Thanks Sarah

Vickie LeBlanc said...

Ohhhhhh nooooooo you were just 15 minutes from me. Next time (if you want) we could make plans. I know the owners of that old yellow house. And yes, he owns a lobster fleet and he uses it for storage. Hopefully next time we can get together.