Monday, July 11, 2011

auction adventures

Saturday was a day where everyone did their own thing. John's son, G, dropped our granddaughter Miss M off at our house and G went target shooting. DIL had to spend the day working in "the big city". John and Miss M spent the day at home. And what did I do? I went to the auction. Not just one auction...but two of them! I started off at an indoor auction...a wise choice since Mother Nature finally decided it was time for some rain. But after 45 minutes, I decided it was time to brave the weather and head out for a nearby outdoor auction. I spent a few hours taking shelter in a farm shed, and watching the auction unfold. I had my eyes on a couple of items, but I forgot to bring my cheque book so figured I'd be out of luck (cash or cheque only please!). My first score was a wooden rocking chair for $5. Yes. Five dollars. Fist pump! I did a little dance of joy in my head.

My second score was a wooden swing for $25. Yes. Twenty Five Dollars! Big dance of joy (this time not in my head).

Whoops. Problem. How to get the swing home? Solution: drive back home, recruit John, G, and Miss M, and head back to the auction. (and worry, worry, worry the whole drive back that the swing is not going to fit onto our trailer!) With the help of a couple of other men, John and G loaded the swing on our trailer. Et Voila, here she is....after arrival at the homestead safe and sound. and sound!
We put her in place on Sunday with the help of G and DIL.
the swing was put in place on Sunday, a glorious sunny day
You just never know what I'll come home with after a day at the auction...or what kind of adventure auctioning will bring.
photo courtesy of DIL, who joined us after she finished work on Saturday
Isn't she a thing of beauty?
looking out at the swing from the back deck
And did I mention that I paid $25????


Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!.. and it'sRED! (doesn't it match your boots?)
Love the story too>
The story of Nova Scotia Auctions.
I had to drive back to Ontario with a whale rib and a vertebrae. Only 125.00.
Two years later, brought it back to Nova Scotia( the vertebrae), where it found a good home... some lucky Ontarionian got the rib.
I try not to DO auctons anymore. But I'm game if you are Sarah.

Janet said...

What a deal! And it's beautiful - no pictures of the rocking chair, though.

And good for you for braving the elements on Saturday - what a day of rain!

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

I'm so jealous. I've been coveting a swing like that for years. And $25! You scored big time. Enjoy!

Frosty Duncan said...

Sounds like you had fun even though there was crazy rain. Awesome.

Sybil said...

I can't believe you got that red swing for $25 !

Seven Gates Farm said...

Just found your blog and have done a little reading of your posts. You are a deal maker, I think. You have discovered some great finds. As for Nova Scotia - my honeymoon get away 30 years ago. I would love to go back and see how it's changed. It was just simply an amazing place then. Debi