Tuesday, June 28, 2011

how does your garden grow?

We moved into our Nova Scotia home in May 2008. Our house was literally in the middle of a hayfield, with not a speck of landscaping. The first thing we did was mow the hay. The second thing was to plant a flowering crabapple tree (something that reminds me of my dad and me growing up...family photos always taken by the flowering crab)
Here is John sitting on the picnic table...we had just arrived and discovered the world of ticks. I think we spent the first summer outside on top of the picnic table...with the fear of getting a tick if we walked on the grass! Ah...times have changed.
Below is the little garden we had at the end of the first summer....courtesy of our garden from Ontario (we drove 2 cars from Ontario to Nova Scotia...John and the dogs in one car....me, the cat, and garden plants in the other car). A small 4 foot garden set on 21 acres!
The summer of 2009, I felt a little braver about the tick situation and decided it was time for a little garden expansion. I added the pond (brought from Ontario):
The second phase of the 2009 expansion extended the garden up to and beyond the flowering crab (at left):
The garden runs parallel to our house. We added a forty foot deck along the back of the house in September 2009, which looks out over this garden. 2010 brought another expansion phase, along with the new clothesline...a must for country living!
Last summer was also the year that our shed was built.

I added a garden next to the shed last year, which is filling in nicely. (that garden was supposed to happen this year, but I couldn't wait). Since the shed garden was installed last year, that meant....
Yes! another expansion to the main garden. Last week, John brought in 5 cubic yards of soil with our trailer and prepared the garden for me. I added the plants at the end of the week (still some filling in to do):
And now we can relax and watch things grow! No more expansions planned...
...well, maybe a bigger veggie garden next year?


Janet said...

It's beautiful, Sara - and you've inspired me (start small and expand as you go). Somedays I look out over our front grass and envision a garden, but I never know where to start!

BTW - how is the garlic area (if I remember correctly, you planted a bed of the stuff last year?)?


Lynda said...

It's lovely - and you have lupins!!

TeresaA said...

looks great! I may be calling you about borrowing the trailer..

Margot Sevigny said...

As I mentioned to someone you know very well, you are an inspiration for me with my new camera. I already have the gardens in two places and have had to downsize one as keeping two places became a bit much and I love to give away plants.
What about the tics? Is there a story further down.

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

beautiful. i love the plants and the pond. such a lovely setting. you did a marvelous job! xox, mickey