Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wolfville to Annapolis Royal

Snapshots from our little tour on Thursday....Wolfville through Annapolis Royal:A piece of artwork I was intrigued taken through the gallery window. The shop was closed....otherwise, I think they might have made a sale... And then back home to find a lovely surprise on our doorstep (delivering the gift was a feat in it was a 40 minute drive each way!) Thanks L&J.I now have a complete history of the past 5 decades (that sounds like such a long time!) and 50 songs from 50 years ago.
And a big thank you is owed to the little birdie....DIL (who fessed up)....for organizing the comment blitz of birthday wishes!


Janet said...

It seems you found some lovely byways and stayed off the 101 - is that hwy 221 with the orchards and the planted field?
I love that piece of work too - can't think of the artist's name - have seen others. It's wood stained and inlayed, isn't it? Lovely. And the soundtrack and hanging basket - sweet!

Loth said...

Thank you for that. As you know, the Annapolis valley is my favourite place in the world and it is a constant source of irritation that due to pesky children needing to be in school, we can't visit in the spring/early summer to see the apple trees in bloom. Nice to see them vicariously!

Linda said...

Nice to see you back in your blogspot, Sara.