Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Inspirational Postcards

There's too much negativity in the world! I am trying to bring back some positive thinking with some inspirational photography. I have listed these in my Etsy shop as prints, but now they are available in postcard size...right here!

If you "buy now" at the bottom of this post ($8.50 plus $2 shipping), you will be sent 8 professionally printed cards, sized 4 3/16 x 5 1/2 inches (2 each of 4 designs). The cards are perfect for inspiring yourself or others:
- pop them in a frame and give an inexpensive hostess gift that looks great!
- keep them on your inspiration board
- send them to a friend for a little pick me up (everyone likes getting things in the mail!)
- use them for postcrossing

I took these photographs in Nova Scotia, and the sayings were written by me.

Card 1: Daylily with the rising sun in the background with the saying:
Every dawn is a new beginning.
Each day is a new promise.

Card 2: Fishing boat on a foggy day with the saying (in handwriting):
In the stillness, you can feel your heart.
In the silence, you can hear your dreams.

Card 3: Lone tree on the shore with the saying:
My roots will ground me as I reach for my dreams.
With each new season, I will blossom and grow.
When Ill winds blow, I will bend but not break.
I will nurture and protect those who take shelter with me.

Card 4: Yellow boat on the water with the saying:
Sometimes it's good to drift and take things as they come.
But sometimes...
Sometimes you need to take hold...
take hold of the oars and row.

Get inspired!

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Christine said...

I just ordered them Sara. You are right, they are a great idea for a gift. They would look perfect in a frame.