Thursday, September 16, 2010


I only planted 6 tomato plants this year, and totally ignored them all summer. We now have tomatoes, tomatoes, and more tomatoes. We've been eating them noon and night. The dogs have been eating them for breakfast and supper (they're on a natural diet). Still I have containers and more containers filled with them.

I don't want to get into the whole canning thing. Is there anything else I can do with them? Ideas, anyone?


Grant said...

We have the same problem as we have six tomato plants. So here is what I have done to date.

Eat then off the vine.
Salad with basal and balsamic vinegar on olive oil.
Salad with crushed tomatoes, crushed black olives and lemon vinaigrette
Various tomato sandwiches.
Stewed tomatoes with onions and green pepper.
Eggs poached in stewed tomatoes.
Scalloped tomatoes.
Marinara sauces.

Now I am running out of idea, well I could give you a basket of them.

Anonymous said...

You can freeze tomatoes whole for later use. When you get them out of the freezer, just run hot water over the tomato to remove the skin and toss them in your spaghetti sauce, soup, in any recipe where you might use canned tomatoes.
Or you can roast them, with olive oil, on a cookie sheet til soft (I also add some garden garlic) and then blend the works, skins and all, freezing for later use.
Just a couple of options if you have freezer space.
We'll all be wishing for a fresh garden tomato in December!

Sara said...

Hi Madelyn,
Thanks for your comment (I couldn't contact you directly by email)
I didn't know this!! My freezer is going to get lots of contributions!

TeresaA said...

I freeze tomatoes-they are awesome. Just use them in place of canned tomatoes. They add an awesome flavour. :)

Word Weaver Art said...

I toss my tomatoes into he blender then freeze them, peels and all. It will be a little watery when you use it, but that boils out. If you want, let it sit in the pitcher for a while. That makes the tomato paste rise to the top and the tomato water fall to the bottom. I freeze both. You can use the paste for salsa, spaghetti sauce, chili, or soup. You can use the tomato water to boil pasta or as stock to add to soup.
(And yeah, I realize I'm answering a question you asked 7 years ago... ha ha... I know it's your "past" but it feels like the present to me.)