Monday, August 2, 2010

All Good Things

It has been a busy week or so...lots going on even though sometimes I can't think of a thing to say when I'm asked what we've been up to.

A few days ago, I was interviewed for a magazine article about women and blogging. Specifically, "women who are reinventing themselves and blogging about it". The article will appear in the December issue of More Magazine and will be on newsstands in November. I'll share that when it comes out.

One, or maybe more, of my photos will appear in a magazine in September...very excited about that!

And...I entered a few photographs (8) in the South Shore Exhibition. They advertise it as "Nova Scotia's largest agricultural exhibition". I won 4 first prizes, and 2 second place prizes. I was thrilled about that too!

We met some very nice people on the weekend...a couple who live in Ontario, but spend a few weeks of every summer in Nova Scotia. I "met" Judy through my blog and it was lovely to meet her in person. And wow, you couldn't ask for a better location to spend a few hours...high on a hill, overlooking the ocean, with one of the most spectacular views around.

And this is who we met on Friday...
This little fellow was sunning himself under a tarp that was covering our woodpile. We spent Friday afternoon moving all our wood to our newly built shed. I was a tad bit startled when I pulled back the tarp to find this guy. My blood curdling scream then startled John a bit! Actually, I'm not frightened of snakes but they do startle me when I come across them unexpectedly. I moved another (much smaller) snake by hand (gloved hands that is!) a little while later. So now no more tarp and wood pile can be seen from our kitchen window. Now the wood is all piled (and repiled after the first attempt came tumbling down) at the side of our shed.
And by next year, the newly planted shed garden will be glorious and full. Now...what will my next project be???


aliceinparis said...

Lots of good things happening in your world!
Love that shed:)
I took my mum on an impromptou visit to your neck of the woods on Sat, well, Bridgewater...
What a beautiful day.
Talk to you soon, hope to SEE you this summer.

Karen said...

Beautiful shed!

I'de have a snake as a pet if I didn't have to feed it dead frozen baby mice (gack!)

Nancy said...

Your shed is beautiful! Congrats on the photo contest and the interview. You have been busy!