Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Evening Grosbeaks

One of the best things about our lifestyle is that we get to enjoy all the little things that most people don't slow down enough to see. Lots of people and families rush about and have their lives so scheduled that there isn't time to just enjoy.

I am lucky enough to have time to sit and watch the birds. I can picture my son rolling his eyes, wow mom...real exciting. But I think it is. This June we had 2 pairs of evening grosbeaks arrive. They always seem to travel in pairs. One eats from our feeders while the other keeps watch. Now we have at least 4 juveniles visiting the feeders too. The juveniles are already the same size as the parents, but they still have some down mixed in with their feathers and don't have their colour yet. Just 4 days ago, the parents were still helping the young ones to eat. Both the male and female help out their young ones. They will go to the feeder while the young ones wait at the top of the stand. The adult will crack the seed out of the sunflower shell, fly up to the top of the stand, and pass the seed to the mouth of the young one. Sometimes the seed gets dropped and the process starts again.

I watched all of this happening, but got a good close up look when I looked at some photographs I took...that's when I discovered that the adults remove the shell from the sunflower seeds.

Only a few days later, and the young ones now visit the feeders on their own. Things change very quickly in nature! They are still a little clumsy when they try to land on the feeder and it's comical to watch them fine tune there landings.

How lucky we are to have the time to watch this progression.


Lisa said...

Oh wow, you are so lucky to have the little ones there. I have never seen one of their youngsters. I love it when the grosbeaks visit. I can hear them high in the trees before they encourage each other to come down to the feeder.

Heather T. said...

Grosbeaks are wonderful birds... I just love them. Yours are different colors than ours are here...we have the red, black and white ones.

And..they are exciting :)

martha brown said...

My parents are in Broad Cove now -- I'm living their month through your eyes :)
Love the grosbeaks!

Mickey (Michel) Johnson said...

...what a lovely and beautiful picture and post...

Jamiel said...

Nice picture..
get one for your pets..