Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eastern Shore - Day One

We recently took a short little trip around parts of Nova Scotia. We really wanted to explore the Eastern Shore...a part of NS that we hadn't been to before. We left our place (just north of Bridgewater) and travelled the "fast route" to Halifax, crossed over to Dartmouth, and then started on the slower, scenic route along the coast. We stopped our first night in Port Dufferin and our second night in Tracadie (up and around the corner)...both marked on the map below with pink "x's".Wouldn't you know it....we had weeks and weeks of hot, sunny, dry weather at our place. The first day of our "staycation" was rainy, foggy, rainy...and did I mention the rain? We stopped briefly at Lawrencetown Beach so I could take a few quick photos. Lawrencetown is a hot spot for surfers all year round. From there, we went to Martinique Beach and stopped to take a long walk with the dogs. Martinique Beach is the longest sandy beach in Nova Scotia....5 kilometres long (about 3 miles).It wasn't raining by this time, but was very foggy. Here is a surfer returning to the beach in the fog.It was a lovely long walk, and we found two very large sand dollars, a special treasure. By this time, it was mid afternoon so we returned to the car and set out for a late lunch. We found The Tourist Trap in Musquodoboit Harbour.What a find! My favourite type of spot for lunching...great food, friendly service, and a feast for the eyes. It was a lovely old home with lots of character. The gift shop was filled with lovely treasures...and one of my favourite things....old windows for decoration...and furniture made from old windows and doors. Here are Cindy (pictured left), the chef, and the owner Holly.John (being John) got into quite the conversation with both of them when I left to get my camera from the car. By the time I got back, Holly had given John an old four paned window for me to work on. We are to "drop it by" next time we are going through Musquodoboit Harbour (we had told them it had been years since we had been down that way. Now I guess I have an excuse to get back!) Hmmm....since we are going back....maybe I'll get Holly's husband to build me a special cabinet for the dining room.

Enough visiting...time to get back on the road. Lots more rain, a bit more fog, and we arrived at our destination for the first night...the Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn in Port Dufferin. We had booked our rooms for both nights before we left home. There aren't many accommodations along the Eastern Shore, and even fewer that take dogs. The ocean front inn has the office and dining room in an historic house, built in 1859. The rooms (9 in total) are in a seperate building, each with a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Our room was the first (circled in red below).We had dinner (know around here as "supper") in the Inn's restaurant and of course, got talking to the other diners when relaxing after our meals.

A great first day for our mini vacation, despite the weather!


Mickey (Michel) Johnson said... vacations are great and your's looks to be fantastic! i love that pic of the surfer...too cool! xoxo

Anonymous said...

We missed you and hope you had fun. LOVE the surfer pic and Miss M cannot wait to see the sand dollars.

Loth said...

Lovely photos! I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip - you are covering a lot of ground that we have also covered over the years. We just flew back from Port Williams on Thursday night and are suffering Nova Scotia withdrawal symptoms already!

FONTY said...

your blog looks nice!

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aliceinparis said...

The Eastern shore is an overlooked area of the province. Lots of gems to be found along it. Tangier boasts the world famous Willie Krauch smoked salmon. Sent to the finest restaurants around the globe. Liscombe Lodge is a beautiful place to have lunch too, planked salmon, mmm. You can hike up the river to some falls. Shame you had such foggy weather but it is always so nice to be on the rad exploring!