Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unplanned adventures

Monday was a glorious sunny day, and we decided to end our exploring drought...we headed south to Shelburne. Our plan was to stop in Shelburne for lunch, and then head back home along the coastal route....something we haven't done since September 2008. Here is a map of Nova Scotia...the red dot just north of Bridgewater is where we live. The red square on the lower left of the map is where we ended up exploring.We did stop in Shelburne, and had lunch at a Scotia Lunch...a rather soulless diner, but the food was great. We had some home made coconut cream pie to finish off the meal. John suggested we split a piece, much to his chagrin. He gallantly let me eat most of it! From here, our plans changed. John thought we should head further south-west, unchartered territory for us. Good thing he's persistant and puts up with a bit of my sulking about changing plans. (I am not a fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal...I like making plans and sticking to them!) If you click on the map below, I think you'll get a blown up version that you'll be able to see better.We headed down to Cape Sable Island (not to be confused with Sable Island, where the wild horses run) and drove all along the coast back towards Shelburne. A causeway was built in 1949 to Cape Sable Island. This is one of the first things you see after crossing the causeway:Salt marshes, quite lovely at this time of year with the golden colours. Of course, making a living by the ocean is a dangerous thing. There are memorials all along the coast to commemorate those lost at sea.This is a war memorial with a beautiful poem We drove out to the point and saw the Cape Sable lighthouse, as well as a radar station that looked quite out of place. There were no trees and the landscape reminded me of many parts of Newfoundland. Don't the houses look lonely?We stopped to let the dogs have a run. It doesn't matter how cold or windy it is, I love walking the beaches.We wound our way along the shore until dusk started to settle in. Just before dark we discovered yet another stunning beach.White sand as far as you could see in both directions at Roseway Beach. But it was getting dark, and we still had a 1 1/2 hour drive along the "big highway" to get home. We'll have to get back to Roseway Beach...I'm looking forward to walking the length of it!

Another fantastic day exploring Nova Scotia.


Moose said...

What a grand adventure...we have explored part of that route too! I tried clicking on the map for a close up, but it did not cooperate so I headed to Google Earth.
What a fabulous day indeed.
Tail Wags to All.

Peg-woolinmysoup said...

Thanks for allowing me to tag along on the tour. Love the poem on the monument and the sites brought back lots of memories. I grew up in Dartmouth, NS and this time of year was my favourite. Great dog walking on beaches, also here on the West Coast!
Gave up blogging some time ago, but never give up reading them!

Anonymous said...

I like your reflection in the monument with the poem.
Someday I'd like to explore our southern most tips as well.

Christine said...

I've been to Nova Scotia twice. Once I was a kid and with my parents. The second time I was 18 and went to visit my then boyfriend who was stationed at Base Cornwallis Nova Scotia. It's on the north coast. It's beautiful up there too.
Loving your adventures.

Jeremy said...

I happen to live on this Southern tib on Cape Sable Island this is a great place to live abd a great place to explore i lived here all my life and still love to explore many of these islands and walking along the beaches, favorite place in the world to be in.