Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We attended the ceremony in Bridgewater this morning. Usually Remembrance Day is cold and rainy, as if the heavens are weeping for the fallen. But today was lovely with blue skies. As the names of the dead were read aloud, a soft wind blew and leaves were gently falling.I found this photo in an old scrapbook of photos my dad took during World War II. He was a navigator in the Canadian Air Force and never talked about his experiences. His brother was killed in the war and buried in England in this cemetary.


aliceinparis said...

Both poignant and lovely pictures.

Christine said...

We attended a beautiful ceremony today as well. My Grandfather never spoke of his experiences either. I guess I wouldn't want to relive the horror that they saw either.

Anonymous said...

My grandfather lived just two years after returning from the war, they say he was never the same when he came back, I can't imagine the horror.

Anonymous said...

Apropos and compelling pics Sara.

Beautfiul, thoughtful and still.

Feelings of the day perfectly stated in pictures and words.
I was thinking of my relatives as well. Especially Miss M's Great-Gramma E. I miss her.

Jennifer said...

Perfect photos for the day, Sara.
Another thing we have in common ~ Air Force fathers.