Saturday, October 31, 2009

Welcome Home John

The dogs, cat, guineas and I have been coping on our own for 5 days. John hopped on a seat sale and went to visit his new granddaughter (as well as her mom, our SIL, and Sir J). This may seem like a minor thing to some people, but this is the first time in 3 years or so that we've been apart for more than one night. For two people that generally spend 24 hours a day together, it's been a little different for the past 5 days.

No one to pour me coffee. No one to make me lunch. No one to pour me a glass of wine. No one to cook me supper. And no one to build me a fire. I didn't fare too well on the meal side of things, but I did manage to get a fire going every night.My fire building skills were enjoyed by others as well... I can't vouch for the cat or the dogs, but I can say that despite the fact that I can manage to get a fire lit without burning the house down, I am glad to get our man back home today!

We won't be getting any trick or treaters out here in the boonies, but hope everyone has a Happy Hallowe'en! I know we will.


aliceinparis said...

Aww, you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder:) Good little adventure for the two of you.
That fire looks soooo cozy!
Happy Hallowe'en

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Baba!!

Anonymous said...

You bring back memories, of being by myself in Voglers Cove and the proud feeling of being able to keep the home fires burning. Love ALL your photos..... Judy