Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preparing for Winter

Mornings are very cool now as I walk the trails with the dogs. More than half the leaves are gone from the trees, and today was the first morning when the ground was covered in frost. Our morning walk got off to a rough start today. After letting the dogs out, I stepped onto the back deck and promptly ended up sitting on the deck in an old lady version of the splits. Ouch. My first thought was not "is everything still okay and in working order?", but I heard John's voice in my mind saying "I told you to stop wearing those rubber boots!". Message learned the hard way. I switched to proper boots and we headed out. A few weeks ago, we prepared our Guineas for the upcoming winter months by building a "screened in porch" for them. Last winter they were stuck inside their coop all winter...a smallish building with no windows. I had fears in the spring that they would all emerge blinded by being in the dark so long!
But now they have their Guinea Porch and can get some fresh air in the winter on nice days without having problems getting them back into their coop at night.Now that we are down to only 5 guineas, we want to be sure to keep them all safe and happy!Some other winter preparations going on around here:
- our neighbour delivered 2 cords of wood one month ago, and helped stack it all. The stack promptly fell over and stayed on the ground for several weeks. We finally got it all re-stacked, and covered with a tarp.
- we've moved most of last year's wood into Purgatory (our screened in porch), ready for the chilly evenings ahead. This eliminates one of John's complaints...he won't have far to go to get a supply of wood for the stove. Now if I could find a wood stove that self cleaned, we'd be in fine shape.
- we picked a pile of apples from one of our trees. I'm not sure how many bushels it works out to, but we filled a large Rubbermaid storage bin. Next step is for me to peel and core and freeze all the apples. They make GREAT apple crisp. (I have yet to learn how to make pastry, and therefore apple pie isn't on our menu).
- the garden pond has been emptied, and the resident frog was relocated down to the rock island in the middle of our field. There is a natural pond there that will be a much better place for Mr. Frog to spend the winter.
- some new gardens have been dug, ready for a trailer full of dirt and some spring bulbs to be planted.
Always lots more to do, but soon the snow will come and I can put those things off until the spring!


Anonymous said...

Sara, Pillsbury makes a great ready-made pie crust...I make an awesome apple pie, cheating with that crust :-) and a crumb topping eliminates the need for the top crust!

aliceinparis said...

"old lady splits" lol.
Glad you weren't hurt. There is something comforting about preparations for winter. Getting ready for the long haul, turning thoughts to cozy enterprises.
I have a great recipe for Dutch Apple cake.

Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

The Guineas live in relative luxury, don't they then!! Not only a coop, but a screened in porch with one of your beautiful windows! I don't even have that.

I'm having a hard time motivating myself to put away the lawn things and winterize the garden. I've some lovely bulbs just crying out to be planted. But weekends are so busy ... and I'm feeling so lazy!

Moose said...

Really miss not being at Celtic Colours this year...we too, are winterizing here in Colorado, where it has already snowed 6". The Guineas look really tucked in and happy.
Tail Wags to All.

Jennifer said...

I agree with Karen about the Pillsbury pie crust. It's the best. And soooo easy.

I slipped on ice one time, landed on my tailbone and was sore for several weeks. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself!

It made me laugh to see that your Guinea hens get one of your windows, but we can't get one to Omaha! What posh digs your hens have.

Here's hoping for a few more weeks of autumn before your winter settles in!