Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning Walk

John was busy this summer cutting walking paths through our fields, and now I am busy every day (twice a day) walking on them. We measured the distance of the paths, and there's more than one mile of walking on them thar paths. So, first thing in the morning (after I toss on some sweats, feed the cat, clean the cat box, let the dogs out, make the coffee, eat some yogurt, get on the outdoor gear) the dogs and I head out for our first walk of the day. Here, looking down the field towards the far end of our 20 acres: One of my favourite sights...the sun coming through the trees:
At the bottom of the field, we take a left turn which leads us across the back of the property (yes, the ground is sloped here):
Ahhh...we finally get out of the shade and into the sun: From the back left corner, looking up towards the house (can you see the house in the gap between the trees?):
And one of my favourite spots of this walk...the trees at the end of our "rock island" (rocks that were picked from the fields by farmers in the past): I like stopping here, and looking up. No leaves now, and not a sound this morning:
Out of the trees, and into the upper field...almost home: We'll join John, and then we'll head down for another mile long walk to get the paper. Then...my reward...a nice hot cup of coffee!


Moose said...

Loved following along on your AM walk...I can just picture it in my mind. Congratulations on the beautiful new book...looks fabulous!
Happy Pumpkin Day + Tail Wags to All.

Karen said...

Lovely post... only thing I would have changed is..coffee in hand as I walk! I'm impatient that way :-)

Christine said...

Sounds so tranquil. I bet the dogs love it as much as you do! Isn't it nice to have this just outside your door!

aliceinparis said...

What a spread! Does your house have a name? I've always thought that if I ever moved to the country, I'd name my house Linden Lea, after my grandmother's home.
Love your walk.

Word Weaver Art said...

I am four months from retirement... 80 more schooldays... (but who's counting). I've loved my 32 years of being a teacher, but as I read posts like this, I'm so anxious to learn about that next chapter of life. That chapter where I can decide how to spend each day... where I can go on a long walk... even two... where (as you put it a few posts ago) a holiday weekend doesn't mean that much when you're retired...