Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sara's Excellent Adventure

Yesterday I worked all day at the Second Story Women's Centre Gallery...6 hours and only 12 people dropped by:( But there is always a good side to everything. Shelagh dropped by with her mom. I met Shelagh through blogging shortly after we moved to Nova Scotia, and lunched with her a couple of months ago. She's such a talented artist herself...I was glad she made it to the show.

Today I headed out on my own...a very rare occurance! I left John and his son G finishing off the guinea coop expansion (photos coming soon) and I headed out to the craft show at Beach Meadows. I have now officially started my Christmas shopping! After stashing my goodies in the trunk, I headed out down the road to do some sight seeing. First stop was the wharf at West Berlin, which was deserted. (photos coming soon)

Then I headed towards Port Medway, saw an interesting sign and headed down a road that we've not been on before...out to Long Cove. How could I resist continuing the drive after seeing this sign?Welcome to Lookout Point
1/2 mile to Long Cove NS Scenic Photograft Country
Come visit Elinors Museum & Book Store
The old DIS & DAT Shop & Frame Shop
transplants & Gifts & Shells
Lobster Traps (Hostel for Rent) Bouys
Open Daily 10 - 7 pm
Thank You Elinor
Here is Elinor standing at the door to her gift shop.She is 77 years old, and the most amazing woman. She has a museum in a seperate building, and has published a book about her early life and the Long Cove area. (an impressive one inch thick professionally published for $20) She has also put a book together of all the houses in Port Medway, with historical photos as well as "today" photos, and records of the original and current owners. Amazing. Here is Elinor's hostel, which she rents by the night or weekend:For Rent $30 for the weekend, $20 per night. Use of boat and fireplace and wood.
The bedroom:The kitchen: The view is stunning, but I'm not sure about the bathroom? A little too open-air for me.(yes, that's a composting toilet in the above photo, complete with reading material on the ground beside it)
It was very charming, and a very unusual find! Elinor's shop and museum are only open for 2 more weeks this year, and I'm hoping to get back before she closes for the season.No, I will not be renting her hostel...but I would like to purchase one of her books! (Dis Is How It Was by Elinor Selig Roberts, published 2006)


Anonymous said...

I Love This Post!!! What a charming character. I"m putting it on my bucket list :-)

Dr. Denise Tucker said...

LOVELY. A friend of mine just went on a cruise through Nova Scotia. I was so jealous.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to meeting Elinor.