Saturday, September 5, 2009

NS = visitors

This lovely flower is just starting to bloom...the first year in our garden. It's called Crocosmia... quite delicate blooms on gladiola-type stalks and leaves.

This past week has been a whirl wind of visitors. One of the wonderful things about living in Nova Scotia is that lots of people want to come to visit! Last Saturday, Julie and her family arrived. Julie is a founding member of the Paws For Charity group that I still am actively involved with, despite selling my dog biscuit business in Feb 2008. Julie owns Chilly Dogs and makes outdoor gear for active dogs... the best quality coats I've ever seen. It was great to see her again, and spend time with her family too. They left on Monday.

On Wednesday, M & M arrived...John's cousin and her husband. They are visiting their son and DIL in another part of Nova Scotia and came over to the South Shore for a couple of days. We toured around Lunenburg, Blue Rocks, Stonehurst, and Mahone Bay on Thursday. They were also there for the drop off of my art for the upcoming Second Story Women's Centre art show. My photo was taken by the local newspaper for a bit of a promo in next week's paper.

M & M left yesterday afternoon, and then we jumped in the car to drive to Halifax to pick up Miss M. Last night was our first sleepover without her mom and dad (DIL and G). We drove G and a friend to the airport...they jetted off to Ontario for a weekend of golf. DIL was stuck working last night and today, so we get the pleasure of Miss M's company. Today we are off to the beach. And...the weather is actually cooperating. Yay!

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