Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Touring the Lighthouse Route

It was a long weekend in Canada. In Ontario, the holiday Monday is the Civic Holiday. Here in Nova Scotia it's called Natal Day. Regardless, a long weekend is pretty much the same as any other day when you're "retired". Saturday we went to the South Shore Exhibition and enjoyed all the sights and sounds. George Canyon was performing and put on a great show.

Yesterday we headed out to explore some of the Lighthouse Route between Petite Riviere and Voglers Cove. We turned left on just about every road and headed towards the ocean to see what we found. One of our stops was at Broad Cove. I'm not sure how we missed this beach before, but we found it this time. No swimming for Cassie (her wounds have not fully healed yet) but we'll visit again.This photo is looking from the beach towards some fishing stages that are being converted into cottages. Along the road in Cherry Hill there is a large pond with thousands of pink waterlilies. They are spectacular, but not captured very well in my photo. Believe me, they are beautiful.It was much colder at the Cherry Hill Beach and I put on my sweatshirt when I got out of the car.The black spot in the water at the left of the photo below is a wader. Her partner was swimming a little further out. Brrr.We've made several visits to Voglers Cove over the past 12 months and it's interesting to see the changes. Funny, every time I blog about Voglers Cove I receive an email from someone who grew up there and is longing to move back. I can understand why. I love my new home province.


martha brown said...

How lovely to see Broad Cove beach, Sara! Thank you so much. My parent's sold their house in Voglers cove -- and now rent the house on the hill right opposite Broad cove beach (across the highway)I thinkthat it is yellow... they'll be there in a week!

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Loved looking at your photos of Voglers Cove. The last photo is my favorite. The colorful boat in the background and the rusty tie off are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

The colorful boat in the background and the rusty tie off are fantastic!
The last photo is my favorite.

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