Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lennie Gallant, a Sharpie, and me

John caught me with my arm around another man at the festival. Not to worry, I did it with John's encouragement, and he caught me in a photo.

My absolute favourite performer from last weekend's Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival was Lennie Gallant. Lennie is one of Canada's top singer/songwriters and has been nominated for and won many Juno's (Canada's Grammies) and East Coast Music awards. His songs tells wonderful stories, and it's evident that he is socially conscious. Canadian astronaut Julie Payette took Lennie's cd "When We Get There" on the recent Mission STS-127 aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour .
And he's just a nice, down to earth guy. We purchased his newest CD "If We Had A Fire" (he has released 8 cds), at the festival and he signed it for us.Then he graciously posed for a couple of photos.Gosh, is my hair really that white?
So, here's the Sharpie story. We brought a Sharpie with us to the Festival, because we knew we'd be buying a few cd's, and we wanted to try to get them all signed (mission accomplished). It was a black Sharpie, and shows up rather nice on the cd insert, don't you think?
Lennie signed our cd cover, and then asked me where I got the Sharpie. I told him we brought it with us, and he said he was looking for a black one. So what did I say in response? No, I didn't say "Thanks so much for signing our cd and posing for our photos...why don't you have our Sharpie?". No, I didn't say "why don't you take our black Sharpie, and we'll take your blue Sharpie?". What did I say? "Sorry...we need to keep it because we're trying to get more signatures".
Duh. How stupid and ungracious I am. I cannot believe I said that. I'm very, very embarrassed and will never, ever live this story down. I'm sorry Lennie!


Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

One must set one's boundaries, mustn't one!

Don't feel bad. You were right. You DID need it to get more autographs. You may never get a chance to get those particular autographs again!

But if you go to see Lennie again, I'd advise you to buy a second sharpie!!

Moose said...

You better start going to festivals with a box of sharpie's.... you will be a big hit!! Love the photo of you two. I have one of myself & Dougie Maclean....memories.
Tail Wags.

Anonymous said...

Great story Sara! I'm glad you enjoyed Lennie. He IS very talented in any language. Miss M especially loves his French CD.
Looking forward to time on the farm this weekend!
Lots of love, DIL

aliceinparis said...

LOL! I love Lennie too. Very gracious, a real pro. His smile lights up his face. I have one of his older CDs.

Anonymous said...

You may never get a chance to get those particular autographs again!

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