Friday, August 14, 2009

Autograph Hounds

We had fun getting our newly purchased CDs signed at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival last weekend. This is one CD that we've had for several years, but brought it with us to the Festival on the last day to see if we could get Suzie to sign it.She did a rowsing rendition of "Oreo Cookie Blues" on Saturday (one of the songs on this CD)...just fantastic. Love her bluesie voice. Here I am with Suzie Vinnick:All of you Canadians might have heard Suzie's voice. At the end of most Tim Horton's commercials, there is a voice that sings "Always Tim Hortons"...that is Suzie!

We just had to buy the CD "New Canada Road" by Notre Dame de Grass...a bluegrass band. We live just off New Canada Road!Apparently Matt Large (the lead singer) has connections to the Lunenburg area. They have taken a bit of artistic license with the New Canada Road shot, but seems it was meant to be that we have this cd! Here is John getting Matt to sign the cd:Notre Dame de Grass performing on the Wharf Stage:Last, but definitely not our least favourite is "porterdavis"......a Texas blues band. Mike Meadows (percussion, backup vocals) and Daniel Barrett (guitar and lead vocals) played together in Boston's subway system in their early days. They moved to Texas and named their band porterdavis after two of the subway stops so they would always remember where they came from.

Daniel Barrett signing the cd for John.

I am always a little reluctant to ask for signatures (but if you read the last post about Lennie Gallant, you'll know I have no problems hanging on to my Sharpie!), however the artists seem to like it and were all very friendly. Lots of fun!


Dave said...


Julie Magers Soulen said...

Fun day! You have inspired me to go to the next concert that comes around. It's been too long! lol


Moose said...

We are SO jealous!!! Get your Sharpie ready for Natalie M.:
August 28th Judique, NS Judique Community Centre
Square Dance with Donnell Leahy, Mac Morin, Brennan MacDonald and Kelly MacDonald.
In support of the Inverness Hospital Foundation, Always There Campaign

Tail Wags to All.

Anonymous said...

You have inspired me to go to the next concert that comes around. It's been too long!

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