Friday, July 17, 2009

Week In Review

This photo shows one of our guinea hens sitting on one of the skylights of our screened in porch (the porch is called can vaguely see the sign). Unusual behaviour from the guinea...from there it flew to the peak of our shed roof (the shed is attached to the screened in porch). A day earlier, one of the guineas flew into one of the screens and almost popped it right off. The farm maintenance man (aka John) repaired it.

The 2009 Paws For Charity Art Book review has been completed. My last artist was featured yesterday. I'll be sending a wrap up email to all the participants next week, asking for their feedback.

This week I spent 9 hours sitting in a repair shop while my 1999 Beetle was getting worked on. My love affair with my car is waning. Still 2 things to repair...more time sitting in repair shops in my future.

Yesterday we added a large extension on our backyard garden. John took the trailer and came back with a yard of dirt. It was mixed to 3 wheelbarrows full of compost, and put into the newly dug garden extension. I added 12 plants that I purchased on Wednesday and changed the rock work around our pond and voila, it looks like it's always been there. Seven hours digging in the garden yesterday! I couldn't believe it when I asked John what time it was, and he told me 6:00. It pays not to wear a watch sometimes.

Today we are off to see the Tall Ships in Halifax. Hopefully I'll get some photos to share. Tomorrow is the Worldwide Photo Walk....Lunenburg chapter.

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer said...

The garden beds in our new house need some major work and I don't know where to start. I guess I should just dig in, right? (I crack myself up.)
Can't wait to see your photos of the tall ships. Should be fabulous. Have fun!

aliceinparis said...

9 hours!!!! That's a long wait:(
I have yet to do the feedback thing, I'm sorry. Really busy just now with my friend and things to be sorted out but I will get to it soon. She leaves on Tues night.