Saturday, July 25, 2009

Oh, deer

This photo was taken the last time we saw the sun....six days ago! The scarecrow is a new addition...although it's really a "scare deer". We put it up a little late...the morning AFTER the deer came and ate everything. Every green bean plant, every yellow bean plant, the tops of all the potatoes (no more potato bugs to worry about!), all the peas, the pumpkin and zucchini vines, and the tops of the beets. The only survivors were the tomatoes and some lettuce.

Maybe I don't like having deer around after all!

Update: July 26...Lost the lettuce last night, as well as the rest of the green and yellow beans. Thankfully, we placed chicken wire over the tomatoes. I've devised a plan for next year's crop. Live and learn!


Jennifer said...

How dreadful! Will you have to put up a fence? It is lovely to have deer around, but they certainly are destructive.

Moose said...

Watch out....they will return to finish the yummy lettuce and tomatoes:(
Tail Wags and good luck

aliceinparis said...

How discouraging. I've seen simple wire fences with mirrors and bright cloths etc, hanging to scare them off. We nearly hit one bounding across the highway as we drove from Moncton yesterday!!!