Window Art

I create my "Window Art" using reclaimed wooden windows and stained glass. Think of it as glass folk art. Sometimes I etch words onto the glass, but mostly I create designs using just coloured glass. They look best in a window with the light shining through or outside in your garden. I'm always looking for small, single paned wooden windows so if you find some at the side of the road please pick them up for me! Here are some of my favourites...

SOLD  2012 - Early Evening Laundry

Commission for a woman in Ottawa, Ontario  "Believe In Dreams" is etched on one of the mauve pieces

Commission for a woman to give to her husband on his birthday - Abstract In Blue

SOLD at The Tourist Trap in Musquodoboit Harbour

Commission for a couple in East Chester, Nova Scotia - A Splash Of Red

Photo by Kelly Harley - window in her garden

Margot's Terns - Dec 2011 - commissioned by a man to give his wife for Christmas

Daisies For Ginette - Nov 2011 - commissioned by a woman to give her daughter for Christmas

November 2011 - Traditional Christmas

August 2011 - SOLD - Dancing In The Moonlight

2011 - Out Of Line - SOLD

2011 - SOLD - Three Sheets To The Wind

November 2011 - Abstract In Yellow - commissioned by a woman to give to her son and DIL for Christmas

2011 - Spring Dragonfly - SOLD

2011 - The Dance - SOLD

2011 - Summer Flowers - SOLD

65 Flowers For Linda - created for a friend's 65th birthday, the window is etched with the words "Family and friends are colourful flowers on the path of life."

2011 - Flower Power - SOLD

2011 - Flowers In My Heart - created after I was diagnosed with breast cancer - the flowers represent friends and family I hold in my heart. Donated to raise funds for The Queensway Carleton Hospital to benefit patients of the QCH and the Irving Greenberg Family Cancer Centre.

Oct 2010 - Westie in the Garden - commissioned by a woman to give to her son and DIL for Christmas
Snowflakes - etched with a quote from Sir Francis Bacon

July 2010 - Commission created for a garden structure in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
2009 - Butterfly Garden - commission created for a man to give to his wife on her birthday

2009 "Beach Bubbles" Commission created for a home office space in Kanata, Ontario. (the green represents beach grass, the pink represents the sand, the blue and clear represent the water)

2008 Daisies in Summer
"Friendship Garden" created for the 2009 Second Story Women's Centre Art Show in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

"Snowflakes at Twilight" currently hanging in Upper Branch, Nova Scotia.

"Tree of Life" SOLD  Created for the 2009 Second Story Women's Centre Art Show in 2009. The top of the tree shows our four seasons (from left to right): winter, spring, summer, and fall. The roots of the tree have words etched o them...words detailing how we grow and what makes us who we are: follow your heart, dream big, faith, friendship, lots of love, imagine, vision, nurture, growth, blossom, knowledge...

2009 "Violets are Blue" created as a wedding gift. Currently hanging in Kanata, Ontario.
Created in 2010 to hang on our shed