Paws For Charity Project

I curated art books to raise funds for charity from 2009 through 2015 under the Paws For Charity banner. (in 2011, I looked after a project called Love From Me).

Photographers and artists from around the world donated their images to create coffee table books, notebooks and weekly planners. Copyright of the images remains with the artists. I donated all my time for the projects, and 100% of the profits generated were donated.
Over $11,000 dollars was raised and contributed to registered charity through these projects.

The books were published through Blurb Books, and were number one best sellers year after year. Blurb Books featured the Paws For Charity Project online, and released a video about the project in 2014. (click on the photo below to view the video)


Paws For Charity Bookstore

Published in the Progress Bulletin - November 18, 2014

Published in the Bridgewater Bulletin - April 2012

Sara, Riley and Myrtle pose with the 2012 Paws For Charity Art Book
Bridgewater Bulletin - March 1, 2009