Inspirational Images

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, I wrote some inspirational verse and paired it with my photography to help get me through the ordeal. There was lots of waiting. Waiting for results, waiting for treatments. It was a stressful time and I needed to focus on something good. I hope you enjoy these images I created.

My favourite verse and image - The Strength of a Tree.
The Strength of a Tree: My roots will ground me as I reach for my dreams. With each new season, I will blossom and grow. When ill winds blow, I will bend but not break. I will nurture and protect those who take shelter with me.
And a few more favourites...
At the end of each day five thanks for each special moment
Sea shell in my pocket, ocean breeze in my hair, waves breaking on the shore, song in my heart.
Sometimes it's good to drift and take things as they come. But sometimes you need to take hold of the oars...and row.
Little Treasures, Special Moments
In the stillness, you can feel your heart. In the silence, you can hear your dreams.