Thursday, November 10, 2016

Starlings in Flight

On Tuesday I joined a few friends for dinner at a local restaurant and was sitting facing a window overlooking the river. It was shortly before the sun set and I watched in amazement as a huge flock of birds swooped by and around and around. After a few minutes they were gone. It turns out that they were starlings and do this every night before they swoop under the bridge to roost.

I went back the next night with my camera and waited somewhat impatiently for the performance to begin. They all gathered in some trees and then the flight started. I was thrilled and don't have the words to describe it other than to say it was a beautiful performance put on by nature. 

I'm going back shortly to watch it again and hope to capture it on video or maybe a few more photos :)

1 comment:

sybil said...

Wonderful photos Sara. I "think" they're called 'murmurations'.

There are some amazing videos on line.