Sunday, July 10, 2016

Roseway Beach

One day several years ago, when we first moved to Nova Scotia, we took a full day trip on the Lighthouse Route. Towards the end of the day, we found Roseway Beach. But it was late and the sun was going down. We were tired and had a long drive to get back home. I took a quick photo (which I can't find at the moment) and I told myself that we would visit again soon. Several years went by and we never made it back. Until yesterday. It was a perfect July day for dog walking on the beach. It was overcast and chilly (16C) and windy. Not so perfect if you like to sun tan or swim, but we weren't planning on either of those activities. Here are some photos I took with my point and shoot camera before the battery died. I was never a boy scout, so "be prepared" with a back up battery was not included in my plan.
the sign indicated a piping plover nesting area, so we didn't let the dogs run off leash
the person to the left of John and the dogs was sitting in a chair huddled with a hoodie and blanket
we were dressed in jeans and jackets, but there were 2 women in bathing suits who had just finished swimming
if you look very, very closely you will see a black dot in the water at the upper right....a surfer wannabe
looks gloomy, but it was a lovely day for a beach walk!

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sybil said...

Oh wow, that sucks about your batteries dying but the shots you got before they did, are wonderful (of course).

It's a lovely beach. Sea glass ? Shells ? Zoomy dogs ?

I like that you think 16 C in summer is nice weather for a beach walk. I do too. Also ensures the beach won't be crowded. I never go to the beach in summer of hot days