Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reboot has been ages and ages since I posted anything on my blog. I started my blog to talk about our adventures after we moved from Ontario to Nova Scotia...from suburban life to country life. We had a lot of adventures along the way (washing the behinds of baby guinea hens, rescuing birds from our wood stove pipe, rescuing our dogs from porcupines, etc, etc).

But life moves on, and after almost 8 years in the country we have become "townies". We love it! But life is definitely different.

I decided to try to pick up the blogging habit again, in part to try to kick my own patootie and use it for a springboard for my creativity. Because along with not blogging, I haven't really done too much creatively for a long time. Oh yes, I dabbled here and there. I took a few photos. I did a few zentagled inspired drawings. This and that. Here and there.

But I'd like to try to invite creativity back on a more consistent basis. Maybe putting it into print will be that extra little drive I need. To start, I'm going to concentrate on my photography, and maybe my creative life will become more focused. 

Ha, I couldn't resist that little pun!


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