Friday, April 8, 2016

Less is More?

When we were out and about in January, this scene caught my eye because of the trees and their reflections. 
January 2016 - Lunenburg Dog Walker

I decided to work with the photo as part of a "contrast" challenge at my photo club. I removed the visual clutter of the sky, golf clubhouse and dark clump of trees. This reduced the photo to the stark denuded trees with the snow backdrop and reflections. 
January 2016 - Lunenburg Dog Walker
The added bonus was the man walking his dog...they added a bit of life to the photo. Although it is a colour image, it is almost totally black and white except for man and his best friend.

Which photo is better? Well, that depends on the story you want to tell. I think both of them work for different reasons.

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sybil said...

What a wonderful visual lesson. Thanks.