Thursday, December 25, 2014

Rissers Beach

Rissers Beach Family Photo
Beach #12 of our "12 Beaches of Christmas" (we did it!!!) is Rissers Beach. We saved this beach for last because it is our "go to" beach. We go to this beach when we want a nice, long walk. We tend to go when the weather is not ideal. We also go to this beach when we need to get ourselves back. What I mean is...when we go through tough times...the loss of a pet...or just feeling down....this is where we go to get back in sync with life. We re-connect to nature here and get re-balanced. This beach is so important to us that I had an artist (Carrie Jacobson) paint it for us. (painting is below)

a selfie with John & dogs in the far background....can you see them?
"Sara's Beach" by Carrie Jacobson (

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