Saturday, December 13, 2014

North East Point Beach

North East Point Beach on Cape Sable Island is our beach #3 of our "12 Beaches of Christmas". At this point, it's doubtful we'll make our goal (it's a busy time of year!) but the idea is to keep it fun and relaxed. Who knows, it might turn into the "12 Beaches of Winter".

There is a causeway that joins Barrington Passage to Cape Sable Island. According to the sign at the beach, the causeway was built in 1949. To reach the beach, turn left as soon as you cross the causeway.

I couldn't decide which family photo to post, so I'll show both of them:
Family Photo #1: North East Point Beach, Cape Sable Island

Family Photo #2: North East Point Beach, Cape Sable Island
Now, you can join us on our walk...


Amanda Pedro said...

yep, that's the default beach when you can't find the others. Nice though. And port a potty to boot. :}
Sorry you didn't get your gift box, but we have them in stock now. We were waiting on the glasses.
can't wait to see where you go next. At least the temps are a little on the warm side these days.

Sybil N said...

What a wonderful beach ! Another to add to MY list. Don't worry about getting them all done for Christmas ! The remaining ones can be the " Whatever # beaches of New Years!"