Monday, December 22, 2014

Green Bay

Beach #9 of our "12 Beaches of Christmas" is Green Bay. We don't get to this beach often. I'm not sure why, as it's close to Rissers Beach and that is usually our "go to" beach when we just need to have a walk on the beach. The last time we stopped here was over 4 years ago when we had 2 different dogs...Cassie and Mulligan. We ordered fish and chips from MacLeod's Canteen and shared some chips with the dogs (we kept the fish for ourselves!). We have taken a drive through Green Bay since then, but even that must have been a couple of years ago.
Green Bay Family Photo (well, 3 of us are pointed toward the camera...the fourth is busy goofing off)
The quality of this video is terrible...sorry about that. It's the only one I took, so we're stuck with it. I can't stop posting videos would wreck the series! Surprise, was cold, overcast, and windy!

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