Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Fort Point

Beach #10 on our "12 Beaches of Christmas" is Fort Point. If you like collecting sea glass, this is a beach to put on your list to visit. I have to admit, that's the reason I like going to Fort Point...it's not for the beach walk as much as the sea glass collecting! No matter how many people you have with you, everyone is guaranteed to find some glass. John and I found 56 pieces of glass when we visited on Sunday.
Fort Point Family Photo (beach is at the mid-right of the photo...down the hill)
You'll see John collecting some beach glass in this little video.

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Sybil said...

I am nutty for sea glass ! Clearly I live in the "wrong" side of HRM. You are closer to so many different beaches.

BTW I always find sea glass at "chain rock" beach in Point Pleasant Park on the Northwest Arm in Halifax. Best checked at low tide assume the same is true for Fort Point.

OK. Next Spring I am making the rounds of ALL these beaches ...

Then I want to continue on to Shag Harbour as I am fascinated by the UFO that crashed there in the 60's ... do you know of it ?