Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cherry Hill Beach

Our "12 Beaches of Christmas" - Beach #5 is Cherry Hill Beach. (this one is for you Judy! if I remember correctly, this is your favourite beach)  I love the family photo we captured here. I set the timer and had to run up a hill of rocks. We tried a few times, but I never made it all the way to John. I darkened everything a bit to make it more dramatic...I really like the effect.

Family Photo: Cherry Hill Beach
We have yet to make it to this beach at low tide. I'm sorry to say that this wouldn't make my top 10 beaches for walking on. However, at the end of our walk I sat and listened to the waves with the sun low in the sky. A glass of wine would have made the moment perfect!

I clearly have to improve my video skills...

And now for some photos...
proof that we aren't always alone at the beach
I found a heart shaped rock and couldn't resist setting it up with my family in the background

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Anonymous said...

My heart beat A LITTLE BIT FASTER when I saw you at the top of the rise, surveying Cherryhill. arms outstreached. EXACTLY HOW I FEEL!
There is a bigger sky there than anywhere. The wave sounds are deeper, with a bit of a growl as if the ocean floor doesn't want to release those rocks. Isn't that heart-shaped rock cute~
I'll be looking for it.
Beautiful shots!